Humble Pie hosts wedding receptions, birthday parties and holiday fiestas. Our patrons enjoy the warm environment, delectable fare, and the option of creating their own menu for their special event. Listed below are sample menus for our 3 dining options, as well as all the information you will need to get started. Keep in mind that these are only sample menus.  You may swap out any selections with one of our menu items.  Our menu, complete with full descriptions of each dish, can be found on this website.  Call 829.9222 or email us with any questions and thank you for choosing Humble Pie.

Tapas dining

is a favorite option because it allows your guests to taste many different dishes.  Courses are served family style for the entire table to enjoy.  These two sample menus were served for
$30 per person.

Sample Tapas Menu 1

1st Course – Caesar Salad
2nd Course – Short Rib Tostadas, Vietnamese Pork Wraps
3rd Course – Sea Scallops, Shrimp + Grits

Sample Tapas Menu 2

1st Course – Broiled Tetilla Cheese, Humble Hummus
2nd Course – Border Springs Lamb Bolognese, Short Rib Tostadas, Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna

Traditional course dining

gives your guests the option of choosing their own dish per course.  The following sample was priced at
$35 per person.

Sample Coursed Menu

1st Course – choice of Mixed Green Salad or Caesar Salad
2nd Course – choice of  Spinach Tarts or Vietnamese Pork Wraps
3rd Course – choice of Cornmeal Crusted NC Trout, Shrimp + Grits,
or Short Rib Tostadas

Buffet dining

is a favorite option for weddings and large receptions.  This spread costs $25 per person.

Sample Buffet Menu

Hummus + Pita, Mushroom Napoleon, Shrimp + Grits, Spinach Tarts, Chicken + Dumplings

Humble Pie can also assemble passaround platters for your guests who may want to nosh with their pre-meal cocktail before dining.  Please inquire about available options when booking your event.

Availability and Minimums

Humble Pie may be rented out any day of the week for a minimum charge.  This charge includes food, beverages, and room charge.  Tax, gratuity, and any necessary catering rentals are not included.

Please remember, room charge only applies to patrons interested in renting entire space.
Sunday-Thursday $4,000 (includes $1500 room charge)
Friday-Saturday $12,000 (includes $1500 room charge)

Groups up to 60 guests may enjoy half of our inviting HumblePie space.  There is no room charge or minimum cost, but dinner is required.  We also offer our bar and lounge space for any interested cocktail parties up to 40 guests.

Humble Pie takes great pride in the numerous events that we have feted.  Thank you for thinking of us on your special day.
Email us now to get started!