We encourage our guests to SHARE all of our humble fare.  Order for your table, relax
and we will serve each dish as it is prepared.  Cheers!

*Tweaks are made to our menu weekly and specials are sometimes available but consider this
a fair representation of our offerings.

HOUSEMADE BREAD . grass fed butter  4  V

ARUGULA SALAD . apple cider, sharp cheddar, pecans  10  G/V

TATER TOTS . smoky pimento cheese  9  V

ASPARAGUS . miso butter, sunny egg  10  G

CRISPY BRUSSEL SPROUTS . brown sugar, apple cider  8  G/V

CRISPY RICE . schmaltz, green sauce  10  G

BROCCOLI SALAD . toasted seeds, pomegranate, buttermilk dressing  10  G/V

BLUE CRAB CLAWS . garlic, lemon, chile  15  G

BROILED TETILLA CHEESE . red grape gastrique, fried lavosh  9  V

BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN . rosemary chipotle honey, sesame seeds  12

ROASTED BEETS . creme fraiche, fried capers, hazelnuts  10  G/V

ROASTED PORK BELLY . teriyaki, grapefruit, ginger, scallions  15

SEA SCALLOPS . cauliflower puree, basil pesto, fried capers, toasted hazelnuts  17   G

RICOTTA GNOCCHI . mushrooms, spinach, pecorino  13  V

LAMB CHOPS . white beans, preserved lemon  21  G

GRILLED SKIRT STEAK . garlic brown butter, green onions  24  G